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qPayIntegrator is FinTP’s predecessor, live at 10 financial institutions, successfully managing their daily operations, automating their flows, centralizing their transactions and ensuring end-to-end interoperability.




- SWIFTReady SEPA 2008 & 2009 solution (Allevo being ranked SWIFTReady Application Provider)

technical and functional validation criteria within SWIFT's certification programme for Workers' Remmitances in 2010

- SWIFTRemit 2.0 in 2012. SWIFTReady Application Profile available on SWIFT's website.

validated “Ready for IBM Power Systems Software"

- compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Feature Banks Corporations Admins Processing Centers Microfinance Industry Feature

Transaction broker


Funds Transfer
SEPA compliance

TARGET2 connectivity

Interface to Romanian CSM


Interface to Alliance Lite
2D Duplicate detection

Direct debit

Debit instruments
AML AML filtering
Accounts reconciliation


Competitive reports
ML Liquidity reporting


  • TIP, intended for financial institutions, is a pre-requisite to any other feature, available in mono or multi processor environments; TIP can be ordered with an additional number of connectors.
  • TIPc is the reworked TIP intended for non-financial institutions, ensuring seamless SWIFT and other external interfaces integration with the corporate's ERPs.
  • Funds Transfer (coded FT) extends TIP functions with customer credit transfer and interbank funds transfer (FIN), to enable correspondent banking business
  • SEPA compliance (coded SEPA) extends TIP functions with the European Payments Council (EPC) regulations regarding the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA)
  • TARGET 2 Interface (coded T2) extends TIP functions to comply with TARGET2 settlement
  • Romanian Payment System Interface (coded SEP) extends TIP enabling the financial institutions to connect to the specific Romanian clearing & settlement systems for
  • Romanian Payment System Interface 2011 upgrade (coded SEN) extends SEP functions to comply with the upgrade of the SENT system (the low value payment settlement system of TransFonD - the Romanian CSM)
  • Alliance Lite Interface (coded Lite) extends TIPc functions by providing integration with SWIFT network (via Alliance Lite), to enable corporations work with banks in a MACUG or SCORE architecture
  • Duplicate Detection (coded 2D) is an early alerting tool of possible duplicated transactions (either issued by the back-office/ERP application(s) or received from the banks or market infrastructures), providing grounds for further investigations and decisions
  • Direct Debit (coded DD) provides the specific formatting related to the implementation for Direct Debit transactions
  • Debit Instruments (coded DI) ensures the management (receiving, sending and processing) of payments made through cheques, promissory notes, bills of exchange - during their business life-cycle
  • AML Filtering (coded AML) provides message filtering with detection of possible money laundering transactions, for both high and low value payments (i.e. SWIFT MT, MX and proprietary message structure), using 20+ supported 'black lists' and ensuring their content maintainability
  • Accounts Reconciliation (coded ReconS) is either a stand-alone product or an optional feature of qPayIntegrator and provides NOSTRO/VOSTRO accounts reconciliation, intraday liquidity reports and integrated exception management, with exception memorizing to maximize automatic reconciliation
  • Availability (coded FMA) ensures transactions mirroring from the production site to the remote backup site of qPayIntegrator. beside real-time resilience at transactions level, the solution provides additional attractive features like monitoring and event management
  • Competitive reports (coded TR) offers several analyses and reports of the market trends, along with early alerts
  • Liquidity Reporting (coded ML) ensures real-time cash reports and forecasts using several reporting criteria, in a consolidated view
  • Remittances (coded Remit) deals with the collections, processing and distribution of remittances
  • Treasury markets (coded TREZ) allows the automation of treasury flows (FX and money market)
  • Statements (coded STM) deals with processing the SWIFT messages related to the correspondent banks account admin (MT940/MT950 statements, MT900/MT910 confirmations)
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