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The 24th, User Group I mean

  April 10th, 7:30 AM: waking up with the sound the rain makes on the window sill. Any other day this week would have been just fine, but today we have the User Group. And everybody knows how the traffic in Bucharest gets when a few drops of rain fall on the city streets. Imagine heavy rain. And everybody relates to trying to minimize the number of destinations you have to reach on a day like ...


FINkers United for Dummies

  First time I saw a “for Dummies” brochure, I found the expression a bit offensive. Even now, I thought twice whether to name this text “for Dummies” or “FINkers United ABCs”. But reading that first brochure I understood the value of it: having things explained, plain and simple, common language, without all the metaphors or exaggerated sales propaganda; having a concise, straight answer t...


Consume open source responsibly

  by Mihai Guiman     It’s been a while since I started to talk to people in the financial services ecosystem about our approach towards open source. At first, most of them thinking we were either bold, ahead of our time, or mad would listen to our story but would not really comment: "Let’s see where it goes" or "good luck with your brave intentions." Only after we started to show progres...


FinTP testimonials - episode 5


FinTP testimonials - episode 5: please listen to Ruud van der Horst, independent consultant, talk about the way Allevo grew qPayIntegrator into FinTP.



FinTP testimonials - episode 4


FinTP testimonials - episode 4: it's Matteo Rizzi's, General Partner SBT Venture Capital, turn to share his ideas on the FinTP project and how it addresses the agility and affordability issues.



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