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Missing Sibos already?

A long way to the Land of the Rising Sun, and an even longer way back home. But we are home, catching our breath after a very busy week at Sibos Osaka. Well, not really catching our breath, as we are all quite caught up with the follow-up to the numerous meetings and presentations we had there. Not to mention all the fuss created for the SEPA project going live last Friday in Romania on local c...


How it all adds up

LUCKILY, not all sessions at Sibos were about regulation (not to say… boring). A great deal of these were focused on creating affordable financial services for masses, on finding elegant solutions for banking the unbanked, on doing banking as a means of doing good - beautifully paradigmed by Innotribe as Banks for a better world, on mobile payments & other topics in this direction. Sibos...


Sibos grand finale

November starts, but Sibos ends. It's a bit sad as even some of the session titles bear the mark of the "finale": Innotribe Start-up 2012 Challenge - Grand Finale, Compliance Forum Closing Address, Closing of the Standards Forum, Closing plenary. Looking back on the past four days, I can think we can check Osaka as a great Sibos in Allevo's history. On top of the numerous scheduled face-to-fac...


FINkers United in 5 minutes

Dear readers, remember the FINkers United unconferenced event we invited you at earlier this year?

Initially it was just going to be an event meant to officially launch the FinTP project & the FINkers United community. But then it turned into a whole new experience both for us, as organizers, and for our participants. It changed the way we approach events, we now look at enabling communication & interactivity between participants with far greater care than before.

Here's a short preview of that great day:

Special thanks go to Mariela Atanassova from SWIFT's Innovation tribe for teaching us how to do this right.



Talking to my colleagues about FinTP

  I've been talking a lot with you about our project FinTP and the new-born community FINkers United. What I realised is that I haven't been talking enough with my colleagues about it, to see what they really think. And not in the meetings we have, but in a more relaxed discussion. Andreea's answer was pretty funny because she has been talking with her friends as I wanted to talk to my collea...

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