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I Wanna Be a FinTP Hackathon Runner


If this is what you want



let me tell how you can get it:


Hackthon #2 postit 1 if you are a student, just write an e-mail to my colleague Denisa

Hackthon #2 postit 2 if not, than you should write to my colleague Corina


But do hurry, as the ETA is less than 20h!


For detailed information about FinTP Hackathon #2, check the event's page on fintp.org.



FinTP Hackathon #2 Calendar


If you want to have this schedule for the next six weeks, just be one of our "hackathon runners" :)

Click on it to enlarge:




Almost Time for FinTP Hackathon #2

      Some of you might still remember the first FinTP Hackathon that we organized on May 15th this year. With all the stage fright of putting together our first event of such type long gone, we now look forward to its second edition. For the FinTP Hackathon #2, we did not plan only a one-day event, but a full six weeks experience. But our goal stays the same: to enable collaboration for d...


Sibos Dubai 2013: Food for Thought in 2014?

  Last week at the same time we were still in Dubai packing after this year’s edition of Sibos. I kind of wondered why in Dubai? Especially in September. Part of the answer came from Chirag Shah, chief strategy and business development officer for Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC): “Within a four-hour flight radius of Dubai, you have one third of humanity, USD 6 trillion in GDP and a...


Allevo at Sibos Dubai 2013 – Day Two

      If you had the time to read my Financial Tribes of the Future dedicated post, you know we started the second day at Sibos very well. I am talking about our Financial Tribes of the Future session in Community Room 3 rocking at Sibos. This year, we have invited Mr. Radu Ghetea - President & CEO of CEC Bank, Mr. Mircea Mihaescu - Director of the Sberbank Technology Research Cente...

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