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Can FinTP turn 2014 into an open source milestone?

      This is not meant as a mini history of open source important moments, but as a reminder that not all bold ideas are necessarily crazy ones.   1983 - Richard Stallman starts the GNU Project, a mass collaboration project for open and free software that has resulted in a huge amount of open source software over time and gave birth to the GNU General Public License (GPL), arguably the ...


FinTP Hackathon #2 Themes


Here are some of our themes suggestions for the FinTP Hackathon #2.


But, remember, your creativity has no limits. You can just amaze us at the end of these six weeks of coding.


FinTP Hackathon #2 Themes



Good luck to all participants!



FinTP Hackathon #2 Kick-off


Curious to see the presentation from FinTP Hackathon #2 this Tuesday? Well, here it is:




23rd User Group on the 23rd

    Not quite a tradition yet, but, just like in May, the day after the FinTP hackathon #2, we organized the Allevo User Group. The 23rd edition on 23.   And the reason behind it stays the same: we wanted to debate the ideas from this hackathon’s kick-off while they were still hot. And also to invite more developers from our customer banks to take part in this six weeks coding experience....


FinTP Hackathon #2 – The Opening

  As I’ve kept telling you over the past few weeks, today we had the opening of FinTP Hackathon #2.   And this is how we started the day...     ... morning coffee on Allevo’s rooftop terrace.   Developers from our banking customers as well as computer science students have gathered here today to test their skills in a core banking open project and to learn more about the FINkers Unite...

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