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Allevo re-architects the organization and appoints new management

  In the second half of 2011 Allevo management of the time initiated simultaneously two major projects: reconsider the business model to meet the shared knowledge course the company committed to (more precisely a requirement of openly publishing the source code of its financial transaction processing application - FinTP), and apply the executives’ succession plan - to ensure long term cont...


One more month of coding


As hackathonists took their job very seriously and need a little bit more time to go in depth with the FinTP code, Allevo decided to grant them another month of coding, until January 24th, 2014. Why until then? Because on that date, as the rumour spreads already, Allevo will celebrate the official publishing of the FinTP code. Therefore, the FinTP Hackathon #2 winner will be awarded during the festivities of the FinTP code launch event. Good luck with coding and see you next year for the great event!


FinTP Hackathon #2



Happy 15th Birthday, Allevo!



It has been quite a journey and we would like to thank each and every one of you - our team, our customers, our partners - for your trust, support, comittment, advice and friendship. Thank you!


Here at Allevo, we embark now on a new journey as we decided to change our business model and go open source. In January 2014 we'll publish the freely licensable financial transactions processing application, FinTP.


On our 15th Birthday, we would like to invite you to join us in this new adventure. We don't want any other presents :)


Thank you again for believing in us!



Scaling in the Real World

rich guy with friends   Imagine you are a rich farmer in the middle ages. Life is good and even though you have the most land to plough, you’re always the first to plant the seeds, because your loyal oxen do the hard work for you.   Now, not everybody is that lucky. Your neighbours are still using their bare hands and feet and working all day in the heat is wearing them down.   ...


Can FinTP turn 2014 into an open source milestone?

      This is not meant as a mini history of open source important moments, but as a reminder that not all bold ideas are necessarily crazy ones.   1983 - Richard Stallman starts the GNU Project, a mass collaboration project for open and free software that has resulted in a huge amount of open source software over time and gave birth to the GNU General Public License (GPL), arguably the ...

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