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FinTP Downloads


The documents available in this section are intended to offer a more in-depth view about FinTP and FINkers United.


We only ask for your name and email address and will not disclose them to any third party. Your contact information is important to us in order to determine the areas of interest that our project addresses.


FinTP Vision&Scope

This document provides high level information on the business opportunity, the solution vision and scope, the high level architecture, the project approach, what is and isn't included in the scope of the project and the next steps.



FinTP Highlights

A shorter read than the Vision & Scope, this is a high-level view on  the FinTP project.

Download FINkers United Edition 1, Bucharest May 24, 2012 - findings after the event

Allevo has organized a special event to mark the launch of a new and disruptive initiative, that of creating the first open source application able to process financial transactions, named FinTP, and to build a niche community around it, FINkers United. This was a first event of its kind for the Romanian financial community, as well as for most of the non-Romanian participants in the room.

Read more about this event, the top ideas emerged and the coclusion drawn with the contribution of our participants.

Download FinTP Services Description

It details the type of services, both free and paid ones, provided by Allevo's FinTP Support Team to the FinTP users.


Download Proof of Entitlement

Intellectual property and trademark protection fisierul Proof of Entitlement.pdf


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