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Fintech Finance

One of the first fintechs to share its financial transactions processing application on the open source network, trendsetting Allevo is poised to expand its operation, as CEO Sorina Bera explains.



In a period of transformation and a market full of challenges, the banking industry needs to take advantage of each opportunity. Staying relevant, by adapting behaviour and embracing change, is one of the biggest challenges.   There are so many technology companies who have the advantage of starting from scratch and who provide new services people find convenient and easy to use. In this contex...Read more


The Paypers

Sorina Bera, Allevo: If corporates become SEPA compliant, they will benefit of faster settlement and earlier access to a clear view on liquidity and cash flow. SEPA has been a long debated subject in the financial sector almost for 10 years now. Although SEPA implementation in Euro countries is now considered a done deal, there still are holes and gaps that can be improved in non-euro members ...Read more


Banking Tech

In Banking Tech supplement issued by Finmedia our CEO, Sorina Bera, talks about the need for banks to make alliances with technology providers that are able to offer and implement solutions to streamline their banking operations.



A plecat in stele Sorin Guiman, prieten nepretuit al IT-ului romanesc

Sorin Guiman a trecut în nefiinţă cu aceeaşi discreţie cu care a traversat mediul de afaceri în toţi anii în care a fondat şi păstorit Allevo, fostă Business Information System (BIS). La 62 de ani, şi-a luat zborul spre stele în somn, fără cazne. A fost un coleg şi un şef nepereche, un tată, un soţ fericit să aducă lumină în familie, un mare pasionat de IT, un răzbătător şi un foarte îndrăgosti...Read more

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