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Monthly Posts: March

Future Domestic Payments as Single Euro Payments Area


We're proud to be the initiators of the Romanian SEPA Conferences Series, in May 2008. Since then, BIS had an increasingly active role, not only by organizing, sponsoring and delivering technical & business presentations, but also by hosting several workshops on SEPA. You probably read about those at their time, here on the blog or on our company's site.

The Series continued with the
4th SEPA Conference on the 16th of March
organized by FinMedia and the Romanian Banking Association and, of course, we were there.

Panelists representing the main Romanian official bodies involved in the project discussed the status of the project, the legal framework or stated their point of view. Special guests from SWIFT, the Romanian Banking Association -coordinator of the project for SEPA implementation at the national level, the National Bank of Romania and TransFonD had valuable presentations.

Business Information Systems participated with two interesting presentations on creation & responsibility and on BIS' already achieved certifications/capabilities for the coming SEPA needs of the market (find this conference's panels and our presentations on our website).

If additional information is needed in the Romanian financial market, we'll strive to be the first to provide it.
So keep in touch with us, with our business analysts, with our briefings and workshops!

Workshop III / 2010: Lots of very low value transactions and big safety rules


Usually referred to as workers' remittances, it's about very low value transactions through a large variety of channels. That brings us to the connection between the two themes of the 3rd BIS Seminar:

Workshop III/2010
March, the 25th
Workers' Remittances & Anti Money Laundering

The role of remittances, payments dynamics, current transfers, anti money laundering measures and other key words will be the main discussion threads in an informal meeting we are inviting you to take part to. You'll meet other banks' and corporates' representatives whom you'll be able to exchange opinions with. Our business analysts will also be here and everywhere they're needed....
We'll welcome your questions as a valuable contribution to a good and clarifying Seminar.
LATER UPDATES: Details and some photos from the seminar are on our website.
Next on BIS' Workshops:
Trade Finance and Liquidity Management (planned on May, the 5th
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