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SWIFT Trends for Autumn 2018 Events





With the summer holidays still at full speed, let’s take a quick look at what SWIFT has in store this coming autumn in terms of events.



The SWIFT post-holiday journey starts in Portugal on September 11th, at SWIFT Business Forum Lisbon. Reserved exclusively for SWIFT customers in Portugal, this one-day event explores the latest trends in the industry, focusing on the evolution of the European payments landscape, SWIFT gpi, financial crime compliance, as well as innovation and technology.


Only one day later, across the Atlantic, SWIFT Business Forum New York opens its gates to America’s finest in the payments, securities, market infrastructures, corporates and FinTech communities.


SWIFT Middle East Regional Conference takes place in Dubai on the 24th and 25th of September, bringing together policy makers, industry leaders, regulators and financial experts from 15 countries in the region, focused on driving growth and the future of payments in the Middle East in a 24/7 digital economy context.


October is entirely dedicated to Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event, to be held in Sydney from October 22nd to the 25th. The main novelty this year is SWIFT Hub, a central space where delegates can choose to learn and demo SWIFT products and services through industry sessions, a varied SWIFT Lab programme, and across Standards and Swift Institute Forums.


The hot topics in these four intense days will be channelled around global, fast, transparent and secure payments, compliance (screening, KYC, data analytics, fraud prevention), and the increasingly important cybersecurity.


After an extensive tour around the globe, with more events to be announced in the coming weeks, SWIFT Business Forum will make a stop in Bucharest early-November for its 9th edition dedicated to the Romanian banking community. The next highlights on the list are SWIFT Premium Services Forum Europe and SWIFT Operations Forum Europe, both to be held in the same venue in Amsterdam starting November 26th.


The Premium Services Forum agenda includes technology innovation and its impact on messaging, optimising management of your Swift infrastructure, and knowledge sharing with your peers, while the Operations Forum features key work sessions on the Alliance portfolio, the evolution of SWIFT’s cloud platform, security controls, cyber intelligence sharing, SWIFT’s API strategy and many more.



BONUS: Community events to keep an eye on this September are GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week in Singapore, and EuroFinance Geneva, the 27th annual conference on International Treasury Management.




Top 7 Perks of Using the KYC Registry




Extensive documentation and testimonials aside, we captured for you the true essence of the KYC compliance utility of choice for the global banking community, none other than SWIFT’s Know Your Correspondent Registry, appropriate for Banks correspondent relationships.



  1. Registration, validation and publication of bank’s info are free of charge. You only pay when you access another bank’s info.
  2. Global tier 1-2 banks benefit from 5 free BIC data consumptions if they register by the end of this year.
  3. High-quality validated data: SWIFT’s extensive KYC ops team checks periodically the validity of the documents against public and regulatory resources.
  4. Benefit from reduced effort and costs related to mitigating risks, as well as increased efficiency, by using a single, standardised point of reference.
  5. User-friendly: like in social media, there is a news feed where you can see the updates of the banks you have access to, and you can also directly chat with the KYC users in other banks.
  6. Full access control: your bank data is not public domain, so other users need to ask for your permission in order to access it. By default, access is valid for a year, but you can revoke it anytime.
  7. Even if you do not intend to access other banks info available in the platform, it is still strongly recommended to register into the worldwide compliance bank community that is KYC Registry. This way, you prove your transparency and trustworthiness to other banks!


Also, please know that the KYC Registry holds information about institutions, not about individuals or private customers, and the data relevant to Customer Due Diligence requirements includes among others, the following:

  • identification of the customer
  • ownership and management structure
  • type of business and client base
  • compliance information
  • tax information


These being said, we kindly invite you to join the nearly 5,000 banks already in the KYC Registry. Please know that we are here to promptly offer you our assistance in this process.



*Allevo is SWIFT Business Partner and Registered Vendor. As part of this partnership Allevo promotes SWIFT product and service portfolio in Romania.

**The content of this blog post belongs to its author and does not reflect the official position of SWIFT.

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